This is Ken Block’s 1400hp Twin Turbo Hoonicorn V2

It wasn’t that long ago that we brought you the most incredible 1965 Mustang on the planet. It goes by the name Hoonicorn, and it’s owned by the great Ken Block and at the time it didn’t seem possible to get any more badass than it already was. However, we’re talking about Ken Block here, and if there’s anyone that can figure out a way to make a car more impressive, it would be him. So how do you take an 845hp, all wheel drive restomod 1965 Mustang up a few notches on the badassery scale? It’s quite simple actually, you add two monster turbos to an already potent engine.

They’re calling it the Hoonicorn V2 and this thing will absolutely blow your mind. This new force-fed engine apparently produces something like 1400-1600hp, although they couldn’t get a proper reading on a dyno to get an accurate number. Whether it be 1400 or 1600, it’s capable of much more if the boost gets turned up. The V2 was built because Ken plans on taking it for a spin up the famous Pike’s Peak later on this summer. The extreme altitude sucked most of the power out of the naturally aspirated V8 that set in the original Hoonicorn and the best way to combat that is by adding forced induction. The V2 is scheduled to be set loose later on this year and honestly, It can’t come soon enough.