200hp vs 700hp: How Much Difference Does it Really Make

With countless videos on the internet showing extremely fast cars racing against each other, it’s easy to lose perspective on how fast they really are. Especially when you compare them to the everyday cars we use on our daily commutes. You can be driving along in your 200hp sedan and hit the throttle and get the sensation that you’re hauling ass. But that couldn’t be further from the truth, at least in comparison.

So to give you a perspective as to how fast these high horsepower cars really car, That Racing Channel has orchestrated a drag race between a 700hp Dodge Viper ACR and a 220hp Lexus. And while the results of the race are quite obvious, it’s interesting to see just how badly the Lexus gets beat. That Viper takes off like it’s been launched out of a cannon and the Lexus looks like it’s tied to a stump. It really puts things into perspective and might even make you appreciate fast cars in a whole new way.