Apparently the Laws of Physics Don’t Apply to Formula Offroaders

A while back we brought you the extreme motorsport of Formula Offroading where 1,500+hp buggies climb near vertical hills of dirt and gravel. The only way they can pull this off is with a ton of horsepower and the massive paddle tires fitted on all four corners. That awesome combination allows these vehicles to do things that seem to defy logic in every sense of the word.

One specific example comes to mind: water skipping. These obnoxiously powerful buggies compete to determine who can travel the fastest, or furthest, across a body of water. That’s right, using the same principle as “skipping rocks” these maniacs are able to skim across the surface like it’s no big deal. It’s a bit different than the sand car skipping water I brought to you a while back because the Formula buggies travel quite a bit further, and they have the ability to steer, sort of. However, if you lose your momentum, you’re quickly reminded that you’re on water because you’ll suddenly sink like a stone.