This is the Awesome, Yet Obnoxious Truck Tug of War

We all played Tug of War at some point when we were kids whether it was in gym class or just for fun in your backyard with the neighborhood kids. But these hardcore enthusiasts have taken the game of Tug of War to the next level. By hooking up two pickup trucks with a giant tow strap they have created what could be the ultimate game of Tug of War. The first person to pull the other truck across the center line wins.

However, more times than not it’s the truck that doesn’t break that ends up being the winner. Becuase as strong as pickup trucks are nowadays, they aren’t meant for this sort of thing. They are extremely powerful and depending on what type of truck, it may have the capabilities of towing as much as 25,000lbs or more. But when you hook up two powerful machines like this and put them on a concrete slab to provide the best possible traction, there’s going to be a tremendous amount of stress put on drive shafts and axles and sooner or later something has to give. As ridiculous and obnoxious as it might be, these Tug of War events are extremely popular at offroad parks all across the country because they are actually entertaining to watch, mainly because of the potential carnage, but entertaining nonetheless.