The Big Bad Bugatti Chiron Is Once Again Breaking Records

As if the Veyron wasn’t fast enough, the Chiron is out to make sure everyone knows it is no slouch. And it can do that in just 42-seconds.

The Chiron is the mean mugging successor to the famed Veyron. With it’s observed 8-liter W16 engine, the Chiron produces a mind numbing 1479-brake-horsepower and an earth shattering 1180lb-ft of torque. With all that power and a genius all-wheel-drive system, the Chiron could hurdle itself to 60 in just 2.4-seconds. But more than that the Chiron can hit a mind numbing top speed of 261mph. Now, Bugatti has gone on the record to point out that the Chiron is actually limited to 261mph, because the tires literally can’t handle anything faster. Jesus that’s insane.

So what could the Chiron possibly do to further solidify itself as the king of the heavyweights? Well, how about setting a world record we didn’t know we wanted? Sounds par for the course. The goal, 0-400km/h, and back to 0. For us Yanks that means 0-249mph-0. And yet even with that astounding speed goal the Chiron only need a scant 42-seconds to pull off the whole trip. Mother of god. Of course Bugatti knew how challenging a feat like this could be, that’s why they enlisted Indy Car ace, Juan Pablo Montoya, to do their bidding.

The fact that the Chiron can hit 249mph in just 32-seconds is enough to warp your mind. But possibly the more impressive fact is that it can get back down to 0 in just 9-seconds. The amount of force produced while braking must be immense, hence the use of a professional at the wheel. Check out the entire run down below, but don’t blink or you might miss it.