Bj Baldwin’s Ferret 6×6 Offroad Beast

This isn’t your everyday offroad vehicle by any stretch of the imagination. It’s called a Ferret and its owned by none other than Ballistic Bj Baldwin himself. Bj is no stranger to hardcore offroading considering that’s what he does for a living (lucky dude). He’s the incredibly talented driver behind the wheel of that badass Toyota Trophy Truck in the Recoil 4 video that was recently released. This Ferret is both different and yet similar to his million dollar Desert race truck. But it didn’t start out that way.

The Ferret was built from 1952-1971 and was obviously designed with military purposes in mind. It’s actually a 6×6 even though the tires in the middle appear more like spares. They are driven by hydraulic motors and can be activated by the flip of a swtich. I’m not sure if they will drop down to the ground or remain where they are to help prevent any sort of hi-centering. But they sure look cool. Bj’s Ferret has been dramatically upgraded with King Shocks and quite a few other parts that can also be found on his Trophy Truck. But one thing the Ferrer has that his other vehicles don’t, with exception of the six wheels, is an actual turret fitted with a grappling hook!