This is the Brand New Porsche 911 GT2 RS and it’s 700hp of Pure Sports Car Bliss

The Porsche 911 is the sports car for people that eat, sleep, and breath sports cars. And now Porsche has officially announced the all-new 911 GT2 RS and it is something really special. If you’re looking for the most hardcore track focused 911 you probably want the GT3 RS and you might wonder what’s different about the two cars other than one number in the monicker. And it turns out there’s quite a bit. The GT3 uses a naturally aspirated 4.0L V6 to produce 500hp and the GT2 uses a smaller 3.8L V6 only it’s turbocharged and puts out a face melting 700hp!

The GT2 RS is still plenty track focused. It has the massive rear wing and other high-tech aerodynamic flaps and vents scattered all throughout its’ gorgeous body. It has a PDK transmission so that might be a bit of a disappointment for hardcore Porsche enthusiasts. But according to Porsche, the PDK is so much faster in every application that it made no sense to offer the three pedal manual we all know and love. Bottom line, the GT2 RS is a fantastic machine and anyone that was lucky enough to one one will be nothing but happy with it.