Can The 718 Cayman S Actually Be Better Than The Famed GT4?

The new crop of Porsche Caymans are in and they are looking extremely promising. This raises the question, can the 718 Cayman S actually be better than the incredible GT4? Motor Trend is here to find out.

On this episode of Ignition by Motor Trend, Jonny Lieberman is out to torture one of MT’s guest editors Derek Powell. You see, Derek actually bought a Cayman GT4 with his own money, showing just how much he loves the mighty mini Porsche. At the time the GT4 was the fastest Cayman money could buy, featuring a 3.8-flat-six engine that cranks out 385hp. But now Porsche has introduced an entirely new ‘S’ Model Cayman, and it is gunning straight for the top of the food chain.

The Cayman S has an all-new 2.5-liter-flat-four engine that makes an incredible 350hp with a little help from its turbocharging. But more importantly, this new engine delivers 309lb-ft of torque, the exact same as the GT4. And while the new ‘S’ model lacks the flair of the GT4, it sports similar performance for almost half the price. What is our opinion you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. The GT4 is the only ‘proper’ Cayman to date. Everything about it is spot on, the engine, the amount of power it makes, even the styling is near perfect. The 718 Cayman S on the other hand is about as bland as a pencil eraser. Even worse it sounds like an asthmatic vacuum cleaner when under boost, making for an obnoxious driving experience. The clear winner is easily the GT4, even if it is slower.

So, can the cheaper 4-cylinder Cayman S actually outdo the GT4 with its 911 derived engine? Motor Trend puts both cars in the hands of Randy Pobst to see which is faster on track. The results may surprise you.