Car Spotter Catches the Intricate Process of Moving a Multi-Million Dollar LaFerrari Aperta

Car Spotting is a great way to spend your day as an automotive enthusiast. And one of the best places to do so is London during the summertime. There are countless supercars ranging from Ferrari’s to Lamborghini’s and everything in between. While out on a car spotting mission, YouTuber effspot stumbled into a rare site when the H.R. Owen Ferrari dealership was changing out its showroom cars. And you might think this would be a fairly simple task, but actually it’s quite the opposite.

Not only were they moving a total of four Ferraris, but two of them happened to be special editions such as the F50 and LaFerrari Aperta, and therefore we’re talking about ridiculously expensive supercars. And to make matters more difficult, H.R. Owens showroom is set up where the only way for a car to get in or out is by removing the giant front windows, and they are roughly 3-4 feet off the ground. So needless to say it’s an intricate process that requires numerous people with eyes on every square inch of the process.