Check Out This Classic Footage of Bigfoot Crushing Two Monster Trucks

Yeah, you read that correctly, this isn’t a monster truck crushing two cars because that’s fairly basic. Instead, it’s aa giant monster truck crushing two normal sized monster trucks. This one of a kind vehicle is none other than Bigfoot which is both the originator of the monster truck as well as the most popular. They refer to it as Bigfoot #5 as it was the fifth one built.

You might’ve noticed something special about this particular truck. It has massive 10 feet tall tires that are more than double the size of the already giant tires seen on monster trucks. These custom built tires allow Bigfoot #5 to do things that other trucks could only image, like crushing other monster trucks for example. it’s incredibly practical and it’s not nearly as mobile and agile as other trucks. But who cares about that when you quite literally have the biggest truck on the planet.