Climbkhana: Ken Block And The Hoonicorn Assault Pikes Peak

Ken Block is a modern-day savage. He kills tires without remorse, flaunting his #AintCare attitude. While his chaos is typically confined to warehouse parking lots, and the occasional rallycross course, as of late he has taken his madness on the road. His latest destination? Top of the world.

While we have seen the man tear up the Streets of San Francisco, L.A., London, and now we are seeing him tackle Colorado. Wait, what? That doesn’t sound nearly as rowdy. That is until you take in which road he has set his sights on. That’s right, the famed Pikes Peak hill climb. The course is 12-miles of incredibly technical terrain, wrapped in some of the of the most beautiful terrain known to man. The course has a total of 156-turns, spanning 5,000ft in elevation gain. When you consider that it all starts at 9,000ft above sea level, you begin to realize how torturous this course really is.

That is exactly why Mr. Block is using the Hoonicorn. And not just any Hoonicorn, but the Hoonicorn V2. Now equipped with twin turbos, the methane-eating V8 churns out an incredible 1400hp. It still has the crazy all-wheel-drive, sequential gearbox and of course a hydraulic handbrake. Even at high altitude, the Hoonicorn is able to chew through its Toyo tires like a rabid animal. Just like all of Ken Blocks videos, Climbkhana is nothing but pure entertainment. Ken Block is a madman, and boy do we love him for it.