Donut Media Is Here To Bring You Up To Speed On The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. One of the tuning worlds greatest cars. But do you really know how it came to be, and more importantly, why?

The folks over at Donut Media are here to teach you, a lesson. And that lesson is Evo 101. With their new ‘Everything You Need to Know’ series, the team is giving in-depth history lessons on the cars that we know and love. They have covered some of the most iconic Japanese sportscars, and the Evo just happens to be the newest on the list. So what makes the Evo so special that it deserves its own history lesson? Let’s examine.

First, it’s the purpose. The Lancer Evolution wasn’t built just for kicks, it was built to compete. World Rally Racing stipulates that any car that is going to compete must have a minimum production run to go along with it. To make that happen Mitsubishi crammed a turbocharged engine, and an all-wheel-drive system into the tiny sedan. The legend was born. The Evo would go on to have one of the best rivalries in automotive history, competing against Subaru’s similar Impreza WRX. But why am I telling you this, that’s what Donut Media is here for. Check out this weeks ‘Up To Speed’ on the legendary Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.