Doing Donuts in a Brand New Acura NSX Seems Like a Great Way to Spend the Afternoon

The NSX is one of those cars that gearheads swoon over. Ever since the original version was released back in the 90’s its been considered one of the most underrated sports cars of all time. So when Honda and Acura announced they would be bringing a revamped NSX, let’s just say there was some jumping for joy amongst automotive enthusiasts. However, the new one is quite a bit different than the old one in almost every way. The first one was very analog and mechanical. It was straight forward about what it was, a mid-engined sports car that also had the reliability of a Honda.

Where this new one is a highly sophistocated, technological masterpiece that uses the latest tehnology to create a one of a kind sports car. It’s a hybrid, but it uses it’s three electric motors in a slightly unconventional way. One is connected to the crankshaft of the twin turbo V6 to provide instant throttle response. And the other two power the front wheels to give the NSX a sporty AWD system. In the end, it has 573hp and it is fast! Although it still can be fun though too as is proven here by the Donut Media crew as they take it out and put on a donut smoke show that’ll bring out the inner child in you.