“Drifting-In-My-Six-Four”: The 1964 Impala Drift Car

Be honest, how many of you had that Dr. Dre song play in your head? Regardless, the 1964 Impala has become one of the most popular model years of the Impala thanks to the lowrider community. There are countless 64’s rolling around with small spoked wheels and hydraulics bouncing the car all over the place. But the owner of this particular ’64 didn’t follow suit and decided to go a different route with it. Instead, he decided to turn his into a one of a kind drift machine.

Under the hood is a 396ci V8 with a Vortech supercharger. Exact power figures are unknown, but based on how easily it smokes the tires and the fact that the supercharger alone is capable of handling up to 1,400hp, I have to assume it’s somewhere in that vicinity. It may not look like all that much, but the performance it possesses surely makes up for it.