Driving a Ferrari FXX K at over 200mph Is What Dreams Are Made of.

The FXX K is the super rare, ridiculously expensive, top of the line model in the Ferrari lineup. It’s the more hardcore “track-only” version of the LaFerrari which we already know to be one hell of a supercar. Or better yet, Hypercar is a better descriptive term for the car. After all, it is one of the original members of the “Hypercar Holy Trinity.”

The FXX K is extremely rare for many reasons. Not only did they only make a very limited number, but it was extremely difficult to buy one even if you had the money. Which at just under $3 million, it’s not exactly cheap. Let’s say you had that kind of money burning a hole in your pocket, you couldn’t just buy one. Prospective buyers had to be “invited” by Ferrari to buy one and there was a long list of qualifications in order for that to happen. But for those lucky customers that did get their hands on one of the 1,035hp hybrid hypercars, they also get access to all sorts of events put on by Ferrari where you could do things with the car you wouldn’t normally think possible. For example, smashing your car at over 200mph on one of the most famous racetracks in the United States, Daytona International Speedway. Watch as these incredible cars stretch their legs on the giant, and extremely fast, racetrack.