Epic Display of Offroad Driving at Bikini Bottoms Offroad Park

Rock Bouncer racing is an incredibly exciting form of offroad motorsport. It combines high horsepower engines, custom build chassis, and a whole lot of suspension travel all wrapped up in a giant roll cage. Picture it almost like a Jeep, but on years worth of steroids. At the forefront of this popular form of motorsport is the Southern Rock Racing Sereies. They hold races at numerous different offroad parks located across the counrty. They bring the best drivirs, with the best equipment, and turn them loose to see who can get to the top of the hill the fastest.

But don;t go thinking this is your ordinary hill climb event, that would be too easy for these rigs. Instead, picture hills littered with obstacles like logs, and even cement walls, to make it more difficult for the drivers and more entertaining for the spectacotrs. One of the best in the business is Tim Cameron. He’s had numerous vehicles to his credit, but his latest is a straight up monster. And Tim has the driving skills to back it up. Here you can see him pull a miraculous save at te Bikini Bottoms offroad park in Tennesse. When it appears as if a rollover was imininet, Cameron somehow manages to save the old girl from ending up on her top. Check out this video, especially the slow-mo at the end.