The ETS GTR Just Set a New 1/2 Mile World Record With 255mph

It is absolutely mind-blowing to think of how ferocious the acceleration must be in order to reach speeds over 250mph in just a half mile. But that’s exactly what the Extreme Turbo Systems (ETS) GTR just did. That is not only a world record, but it’s faster than most other highly modified supercars are able to pull down in a full mile run. As a point of comparison, the “fastest GTR in the world” hit 255.2mph, but that took a full mile to reach that speed. But the ETS GTR pulled off a 255.53mph, in just a half mile and needless to say this car is lightning fast.

To make this major accomplishment even more impressive, the record run took place at the Pikes Peak Airstrip Attack which is held in Colorado. The elevation can drastically reduce the overall power output due to the thinner air. Luckily though, the ETS GTR is said to be pushing out more than 3,000hp so there’s obviously no shortage. Check out the record run, and notice how cool, calm and collective it is for the driver inside the car even though its more or less appears to be a rocket from the outside.