This Is the Fastest Car in the World…From 0 to 62mph

There are many cars that may lay claim to the title of the world’s fastest car. However only one can officially hold that title. And the current record holder of the fastest accelerating car from 0-62mph (100kph) is this tiny little electric race car that goes by the name “Grimsel.” It was built and developed by a handful of Swiss college students and you better not blink or you’ll miss it.

Somehow these “kids” managed to figure out a way to develop a vehicle that would sprint from 0-62 faster than any other electric vehicle, and even most gas powered vehicles as well, with an almost unfathomable time of 1.513 seconds! See what I mean about blinking and you’ll miss it. There’s obviously a few exceptions, but those exceptions are something like an 11,000hp Top Fuel Dragster or Funny Car, or something along those lines. But that’s pretty extreme and is completely impractical as far as applying that power or technology to a production vehicle. Whereas with “Grimsel” almost all of the tech could theoretically be applied to a production car in some way. Check out the video of the record run.