FIA Just Announced an Intercontinental Race Series

Drift Racing popularity is at an all-time high and finally, race organizers started to realize this. And I mean race organizers on the highest level, the Federation Internationale de l’Autombile or more commonly known as FIA just announced the first Intercontinental Drifting Cup. FIA is the same governing body that’s responsible for many of the world’s most popular racing series such as Formula One, Rallycross, and many others.

This is huge for the draft racing world and it also great news for the fans of the sport. It will bring the best drivers from all over the world, wth the best equipment on some of the best race tracks in the world. That should turn out to be some pretty epic competitions. The first event is scheduled to take place at the end of September and many drifting purists will be happy to know the debut event will be held in Japan where it all started.