Flashback to the Time the Stig got Behind the Wheel of the First Gen Hennessey VelociRaptor

A while back we talked about the time Jeremy Clarkson got behind the wheel of the first gen VelociRaptor. He was on a rescue mission save Hammond who was planted somewhere in the British Columbia backcountry. It was more than entertaining to watch Jezza thrashing the truck around. So I thought why not bring it back, only this time rather than Clarkson at the controls, it’s the tame racing driver we all know and love as “the Stig.”

The Stig is arguably the most talented driver on the fast of the Earth and Clarkson, Hammond, and May always had some ridiculous way of introducing him as such. They were always so secretive as to who it was wearing the all white fire suit and helmet with the dark lenses. Whoever it was behind the wheel this particular day definitely knows a few things about car control. The Stig took the 600+hp Gen I Hennessey VelociRaptor out on the Top Gear test track in the pouring rain and put on quite a show. Usually, they would time these laps, but this one was more for fun. And quite a lot of fun if I don’t say so myself. Sliding that monster of a truck sideways around the corners and opening it up on the straightaways is something most of us only experience in our dreams. Prepare to be equal parts impressed and jealous after watching this glorious machine in action.