Formula 1 Phenom Takes The Red Bull Racing RB7 F1 Car Up an Austrian Ski Slope

A while back we brought you the video where the owner of a beloved Ferrari F40 fitted it with snow chains and drove it up a ski slope. And that was pretty epic to see a rare and extremely expensive supercar used for a Hoon session like that. But the car in this video is also smashing up and down a ski resort, only it makes the Ferrari F40 look like a Hot Wheels, both in price and power.

It’s the Red Bull Racing RB7 Formula 1 car which is one of the fastest and most powerful vehicles on planet earth. It’s hard to put a price tag on one of these cars because it’s more the upkeep that’s so expensive, but just buying the car isn’t exactly cheap. I’ve heard rumors claiming as much as $30 million, just for the car. The RB7 in this video happens to be driven by F1 phenom, Max Verstappen, who at the time was just 18 years old. Max landed himself one of the most exciting jobs in motorsports and It also lands him some epic perks. Like smashing an F1 car up the mighty “Strief” Alpine ski hill in Austria. But when the car is putting out close to 1,000hp and has an RPM redline over 15,000rpms, getting traction is virtually impossible without added help. So the Red Bull pit crew fitted the car with special tire chains and set Verstappen loose on one of the most iconic ski hills.