What Could be More Fun Than Racing a 900hp Pro4 Race Truck On a Ski Slope?

As someone that’s grown up in the Rocky Mountains, I’ve grown quite the affection for snowy, winter conditions. There’s just so many fun things to do. My personal favorite is tearing up the backcountry on a snowmobile, however, there’s something else that’s a lot easier to pull off and is almost as fun. I’m talking about driving. Even regular everyday driving is a blast when there’s snow on the ground, especially if you can find an open, untouched parking lot. Which is probably why I think the Red Bull Frozen Rush might be one of the funnest races in the country.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Frozen Rush let me shed a little light on the subject. It’s a simple concept that takes the monumentally powerful Pro4 race trucks that are said to be pushing out at least 900hp and lines them up in a head to head race up and down a ski-slope. The “4” in Pro4 means that the trucks are four wheel drive (vs the Pro2 which is rear wheel only). But even with all four wheels clawing for traction on the icy, snowy terrain, having that much power under the hood will make things very difficult. So to make things more interesting, the trucks are fitted with special studded tires to help them reach race speeds similar to what they encounter on dirt. Needless to say, it is extremely entertaining, and will forever be a dream of mine to one day be behind the wheel of this ultimate form of snow hooning.