This Funky Looking Mud Truck Called RAWHYDE has a 1,000hp Engine Under the Hood and It’s a Monster

To be a fast “mud truck” you need to have a lot of horsepower on tap because it’s very important to have and maintain as much wheelspin as possible. Not only does that help prevent you from sinking down into the mud by hydroplaning across the top, but it also helps clear mud from the tires so they can get better traction. There are a few different types of mud truck such as the big tire monsters that are designed to go through the deepest mud holes. But in this case, I’m talking about the ones that are better suited skipping across the top than getting down into the deep stuff.

This funky looking machine called RAWHYDE is a perfect example of a fast mud truck. It’s as light as possible thanks to removing a bunch of body work and using a full tube chassis, but really it’s the 1,000+hp on tap from the screaming 572ci V8 under the hood that makes RAWHYDE do what it does best. Here you can see it racing other high horsepower trucks at the River Road Mud Park in Alabama. The course is brilliantly set up similar to a motocross track only instead of jumps it has mud holes to get through. It’s the perfect design to let these trucks stretch their legs and show what they are capable of.