Go On Board With The Porsche 919 For The Fastest Lap At Le Mans

Whether you’re a moto enthusiasts or not, everyone has heard of the legendary race known as the 24hr of Le Mans. It’s an endurance race that lasts a full 24 hrs from beginning to end where the winner is determined by who drove the furthest, aka the most laps. The race is held at the famous Circut de le Sarthe, which is an 8.47-mile long course and it is fast. So fast that it’s been reported that drivers spend roughly 85% of the time at full throttle! That would be impressive if we were talking about a standard sports car, but these are full blown race cars.

The fastest cars at Le Mans are always the LMP1 class or Le Mans Prototype, and they are able to reach speeds well over 200mph along the famous “Mulsanne Straight.” Here we go on board with Neel Jani in his Porsche 919 LMP1 car for what regarded as the fastest lap in race history. Neel won the event back in 2007-2008 so he’s no stranger to what the track can bring. The quality isn’t stellar, but it will definitely give you an idea as to how fast these cars really are.