GoPro Goes Behind The Scenes To See What Drives Ken Block

Nowadays it seems that everyone knows who Ken Block is. His Gymkhana videos have catapulted him into a level of fame few racing drivers will ever know. And his constant drive to better himself keeps him there.

It’s funny. Ask someone that isn’t a motorsports enthusiast who Ken Block is and they will likely say, ‘isn’t that the guy doing all the donuts.’ And they aren’t wrong. With over 400-million views from his combined 9 Gymkhana videos, Ken Block is a certified internet sensation. And yet he was well past ‘successful’ before he even filmed the first video.

Surprisingly a lot of people don’t know that outside of racing, Ken Block is an exceptional businessman and entrepreneur. Straight out of college Block was making waves with his skate company, the now massive DC Shoes. Fueled by passion Block then shifted his focus onto motorsports, where he started rally racing on his own dime. It was that dedication that has gotten him to his now absurd level of success, something a lot of people don’t take note of.

GoPro’s Driven series follows top athletes in their sport, seeing what it is that drives them to success. For Block it’s a slew of things, and the show gives some good insight into what makes our tire slaying hero tick. Check out the video below, but be prepared to want to watch hours of Ken Block highlights right after.