Gymkhana 7: The Birth Of The Hoonicorn

Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos are some of the most popular videos on the internet. The entire series combined has hundreds of millions of views. There’s a total of 9 videos in the series and the tenth is scheduled to drop sometime this summer. But there’s one video in particular that holds some significance and that Gymkhana 7. It was filmed in Los Angeles and was a serious production that required shutting down roads with police cooperation and the whole nine yards. But there was something else really special about that video, it was the first time we got to see the now-famous “Hoonicorn” in action.

The Hoonicorn is a fitting name for this car considering it’s the combination of Hoonigan, Block’s racing division, and of corse Unicorn. They used the mythical creature because that’s exactly what this car represents, something you’ve never seen before. It’s technically a 1965 Ford Mustang body, but only in looks. This thing is completely custom from the ground up and purpose built for one thing and one thing only, to kill every tire that gets put on it.

The unicorn is the only all-wheel drive Mustang of its kind, which is a major accomplishment. At the time, it had naturally aspirated Roush-Yates V8 that produced 845 screaming horsepower that created one of the best sounds to come from an automobile. The Hoonicorn sat on the sidelines for Gymkhana 8 & 9 but will be making a triumphant return for the 10th installment. Only it’ll be coming back as the Hoonicorn V2 which now has two massive turbochargers sticking up out of the hood and will supposedly have more than 1400hp. It should be spectacular. But in the meantime, watch the first Hoonicorn in action.