This is What Gymkhana on a Budget Looks Like

When you hear the term Gymkhana, it’s likely that the name Ken Block immediately comes to mind. Block is the current superstar when it comes to whipping his car around random obstacles in random locations. All of which shows the highest level of skill and car control, unlike anything you’ve seen before. However, if you wanted to get nit-picky you could argue that the one drawback to Block’s Nine Gymkhana videos is the fact that they surely cost an arm and a leg to produce.

But this particular moto enthusiast is bound and determined to prove that you can have just as much fun on a budget. His name is Tyler Witte, and he’s the brainchild behind “Dream it, Built it, Shred it.” Witte takes his Subaru Impreza 2.5 and converted it into a full spec rally car. He used his beloved Subie to enter a total of 8 rally events in the Lake Superior Rally circuit and picked up podium finishes in 6 of those races. However, the cost involved in the upkeep prevented him from continuing. So decided to come up with this epic “gymkhana style” video in a heavy equipment yard and it might not be quite as entertaining as Ken Block’s epic display, it’s still incredibly entertaining.