This is What Happens When You Stuff a Ferrari V8 Into a Toyota GT86

The Toyota GT86 is what you would consider a small car, but a popular car. As a matter of fact, it has two other identical twins in the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S where the only major difference between them is the badging. All three are powered by the tiny 2.0L four cylinder engine that’s good for about 200hp. The main attraction to the car is that it’s rear wheel drive so it’s very popular as a drift car. One of the top drift racers in the game, Ryan Tuerck, is a huge fan of the car and has one many titles behind the wheel of the both the Scion and the Toyota, just with significantly more powerful engines in place.

His latest drift car creation takes the cake though. Rather than doing the normal engine swap which is usually an LS V8 or something along those lines, he opted for something a bit more exotic, specifically the screaming V8 from none other than the Ferrari 458 Italia. At 4.5L it’s not a very big motor, but it’s more than double the size of the previous engine and is so big that Ryan couldn’t even put the hood back on his car. But when an engine looks that pretty, you don’t want to cover it up anyways. It’s also considered to be one of the best V8 in modern history because it produces 562 naturally aspirated horsepower and is smooth as silk in the process.