Isle of Man TT Four Wheel Record Set by a 600hp Subaru WRX STI

If you’re not familiar with the Isle of Man TT it is one of the most insane road races in the world. It’s an “A to B” style race that stretches 37.73 miles around the Isle of Man. Unlike traditional race tracks, the TT is run on traditional public roads that weave through many small villages scattered around the small island. Of course the roads are closed to the public for the race, but still. It’s not uncommon to see speeds in excess of 200mph at the race, which is even more impressive because there are times when going through those villages that competitors have to “thread the needle” between concrete buildings that are quite literally right off the road.

The TT is normally associated with high-powered superbikes that can blast through the entire 37.73 miles in as little as 16 minutes and 58 seconds with an average speed of 133mph. But there’s also a class of cars that compete and surprisingly they are not far off the pace of the far more agile superbikes. Mark Higgins is the current man to beat in the four-wheeled class. He’s managed to beat his own lap record multiple times and his vehicle of choice is the Subaru WRX STI. To set his latest record of 17 minutes and 35 seconds he used a 2016 model that’s been tuned by Prodrive to produce an impressive 600hp. For the record, Higgins averaged 128.7mph over the entire 37-mile course and by no means is this a straight shot. There are countless turns that have to be dealt with so for him to be able to maintain that much speed is beyond impressive. Check out the footage from that record run.