James May and his 259mph Top Speed Test in a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport

It’s hard to believe that its been over 6 years since Captain Slow, aka James May, etched his name in the history books. He was lucky enough to get behind the wheel of the 1,200hp Bugatti Veyron Super Sport at the famous Volkswagen Proving Grounds (also known as the Ehra-Lessen). And what makes this particular testing area so appealing is it’s massive 5 mile straightaway. It’s the perfect place to test vehicles top speed and that’s exactly what May did.

Even though the Veyron has since been replaced by the new Chiron model, it’s still an amazing machine with next level performance. With 1,200hp coming from the gigantic W16 motor thanks to a total of four turbochargers, the Veyron had speed potential unlike anything else at that time. And when May put his foot to the floor at the start of the massive straightaway both he and the team of Bugatti engineers had any idea how fast it would go. A short time later 417kph registered on the third party speed monitoring equipment. Now to save you from doing the math, that’s 259mph which is faster than anything else on the road at that particular moment. James May, Captain Slow himself, the fastest man on Earth. It just doesn’t right, does it? Well, shortly after May’s record run and the car had cooled down, Bugatti’s test driver decided he better take a crack at it. And when he finished making a run in both directions, a requirement for it to be an official top speed record, he had averaged a mind-blowing 431Kph or 267mph! That record official still stands today even though the Hennessey Venom GT technically clocked a 270mph run, but it was only in one direction so it wasn’t “official.” Take a walk down memory lane and relive the excitement of seeing a multi-million dollar car doing what it was created to do.