Japan Knows How To Properly Drive Five Supercars

I could go out on the limb and say Japan is the land of true motorsports dreams. Not only have they produced some of the most spectacular cars in history, but they also use them properly.

I mean think about it. In a country that is only about double that of California, you have hundreds of racing circuits. While some are surely small in comparison, it is also home to some of the biggest venues in the world. Suzuka, Fuji Speedway, and Twin Ring Motegi to name just a few. Combine that with their world class automobile production and you have an undeniable culture of petrol heads. This brings me to my point, Japan doesn’t just appreciate cars, they use them in the proper sense.

That’s right, cars are meant to be driven, and driven hard. Race bred performance does little to no good on the street. But on the track, it’s a different story. This is my main gripe with supercars. They are technical marvels, capable of doing things we only dreamt of in the past. Yet they end up being used as a status symbol when parked at the valet. Or even worse, they become garage queens. They are better than that, and Japan knows it. That’s why they have set up a race, one featuring five of the best supercars around.

A Japans Car Magazine pitted five Supercars against each other at the famed Tsukuba Circuit in Eastern Japan. The race is 5 laps around the short course with professional drivers in a Porsche 911, Jaguar SVR, Nissan GT-R, Audi R8, and of course a Honda NSX. Unfortunately, the video is entirely in Japanese, so if you aren’t fluent you won’t understand a thing. Even still the racing is spectacular, with the drivers actually pushing these cars to a decent limit. It is something we rarely see, especially here in the states. But this is why I personally love Japan, and all its culture has done for the motoring world. Watch, enjoy, repeat.