Jeremy Clarkson Thrashing a Ford Raptor in One of the Best Top Gear Clips of All Time

Back when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May worked on the iconic Top Gear motoring show, they had what seems to be a countless number of epic films. A few of which I’ve already spoken about such as Hammond drag racing the Bugatti Veyron vs the McLaren F1. But one of my personal favorites has to be during what I believe was the last season the trio was on the show before leaving to start the Grand Tour.

The film I’m referring to is the one where Clarkson and May acted as a rescue squad for Hammond who was using some high-tech watch to display the GPS coordinates of his location. Once May and Clarkson traveled half way across the world, they landed in Vancouver B.C. where they had to full-size trucks waiting for them. May being the “boring” type got a Chevy Silverado Super Duty, and the more flamboyant Clarkson got a bright yellow example of the highly sought after Ford Raptor. But not just any Raptor, it was the VelociRaptor which has been tuned by Hennessey Performance and thanks to the addition of a supercharger, now puts out over 600hp. Which is quite the jump over the 411hp that came from the 6.2L V8 in the stock Gen 1 Raptor. If you’re familiar with Clarkson at all, that’s all the needs to be said. Watch as Jezza pushes even the mighty VelociRaptor to its limits in the beautiful Canadian backcountry.