Jeremy Clarkson Tries to Figure Out Which is Faster, a GTR or Professional Track Athlete

Jeremey Clarkson is a bit of a goof, which is why most of us love to watch him reviewing and talking about cars. We’ve seen him thrash around a VelociRaptor, and almost have his face peeled off by the Ariel Atom. But this stunt might be the most ridiculous of them all. He came up with the brilliant idea of setting up a unique drag race between a Nissan GTR, and track and field star Michelle Jenneke.

I realize it’s obnoxious to think that a track athlete, even one that competes at the highest level, could compete with a GTR in a drag race. Especially considering the GTR has over 500hp and is one of the fastest accelerating cars from a standstill thanks to a highly sophisticated launch system. SO to try and even the playing field, the race is set up where they will go down the track a short distance, then finish at the same place they started from. As a runner changing directions isn’t that big of a deal. But in a car, you have to come to a complete stop, put it in reverse, then go backwards. Is that enough to make it an even match? Not likely. But it’s still pretty cool to watch, especially Michelle’s warm up routine.