The Kenny Powers Super Jump

Believe it or not, there is actually a real person named Kenny Powers and he was a very talented stuntman. Back in 1976, he attempted to pull off one of the most ridiculously incredible car stunts that would make even the late Evel Knievel shake in his boots. They called it the “Super Jump” and it was quite ambitious considering nobody had accomplished anything like it in the past.

The goal of the stunt was to launch a rocket-powered car over the St. Lawrence River and land on the other side, similar to what Evel tried to do with the Snake River Gorge. Only the gap Kenny was attempting was nearly a mile wide wich is roughly 3 times the distance at the Snake River. In order to complete this monumental task, Kenny would have to hit the ramp that stood almost nine stories tall at 285mph if he had a chance of making it. Considering it had a giant rocket providing the power, reaching those speeds wasn’t the issue. The problem was they decided to use a Lincoln Continental as the car of choice for the stunt. The Lincoln’s of that era resembled a boat more than they did a streamlined, aerodynamic flying machine. Needless to say, the jump wasn’t successful but it was a spectacular failure.