The Lamborghini Batmobile, Enough Said.

You read that correctly, underneath what clearly resembles a variation of the caped crusader’s wicked ride, otherwise known as the Batmobile, is a Lamborghini. This isn’t just some paper mache kit car either, I wouldn’t be throwing around the “batmobile” title so frivolously if it was. Oh no, not only is there a fully functioning Lamborghini Gallardo under there somewhere, but the entire body is made out of carbon fiber.

It was built by a company in Europe called Caresto and they went through the painstaking process of forming each and every panel using the lightweight and incredibly strong materials to create this masterpiece that sits before you. Caresto built it for a company called Team Gulag who had commissioned the car to be used on the famous luxury car rally known as the Gumball 3,000. It’s quite common for there to be quite a few extraordinary cars at the Gumball, but everything was put to shame when Team Gulag rolled up in this beast. Here you can see it in action trying to drift around corners on an ice track which is something that would be a piece of cake for a standard Lambo, but surprisingly even with the carbon fiber body, the batmobile is massive. It literally dwarfs its donor car in stock form.