Lamborghini Embraces The Age Of Performance With The Huracán Performante

Lamborghini has stockpiled its success with one well-executed tactic, being bold. The Italian Marqee has made its name by building the most audacious cars they can conceive, making other supercars look tame. But in the companies 54-year history they have yet to build a car that can outpace the competition on a track. That record may finally fall with the Huracán Performante.

The Performante made headlines earlier this year with it’s impressive Nurburgring lap record of 6:52.01. Unfortunately, that record has since been eclipsed by the raging 911 GT2 RS, but it is still noteworthy. Up until this point Lamborghini had never really held gold. Their cars were loud, stylish machines that were capable enough to call themselves supercars, but only just barely. But that didn’t matter, they established their dominance with their style. Frank Sinatra famously said, “You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody. You buy a Lamborghini when you are somebody.” Perfectly summing up the type that purchases a Lamborghini.

Now though, Lamborghini seems to no longer be happy with their ‘styling only’ persona. Instead, they are gunning for a new performance era, and it all starts with the Performante. With a 640-hp V10, a 7-speed paddle shift gearbox and all-wheel-drive, the Huracan is well stacked against its competition. 0-60 comes in a sparse 2.9-seconds while a run up to 124mph is managed in under 9-seconds. It’s said that there are faster cars in a straight line, but none of them pull like the Huracan. The experience is violently fun, thrusting you into the seat like a fighter pilot. While Lamborghini has always produced amazing engines, this 5.2-liter V10 is something special.

However, for the Performante to go from good to great it will take much more than just a powerful engine. Lamborghini needed a chassis that could handle like no other Lambo before it, and that is exactly what they built. This Huracan has gained some exterior features to give that distinct Performante look. Thanks to a new Aerodinamica Lamborghini Attiva system, ALA for short, the Huracan can manipulate the air around it, using it to its advantage. With a pair of Forged ‘Composite’ splitters, as well as a rear wing from the same material, the Performante is able to move air around the car, altering the amount of downforce depending on the situation. This feature was instrumental in the Performante’s hot lap around ‘The Ring’.

What is ‘Forged Composite’ you asked? Well, instead of carbon fiber Lambo has created this compound they call ‘Forged Composite.’ They take bits of carbon, and slap them together with a monstrous amount of resin, all before pressure-stamping them into the desired shape. The end result is a product that is both lighter and more durable than Carbon Fiber, a win-win when you are looking for the best. This also allows Lamborghini’s ALA system to unevenly manipulate the wing as well as flaps in the front splitter, using airflow to navigate corners faster. That is seriously cool.

While all of these wings, splitters, and flaps add to a faster package, the pull double duty in the styling department. The Performante makes the standard Huracan look like a common grocery getter in comparison. Excessively stylish, the Performantes’ wheels offer a significant weight savings over the stock Huracán. They also make the perfect mounts for a set of Pirelli P Zero Trofeo tires, further gluing the Performante to the road. All of this comes at a nearly $30,000 price increase over the Huracán LP580-2, the predecessor to the Performante. While 30-large sounds like a serious price gouge, you have to consider it’s merely 10% of the MSRP, making it almost a bargain.

The interior brings some choice upgrades with the addition of the Performante package. The seats are slimmer fitting buckets, designed to keep you planted when attacking the race track. Because this is in fact a Lamborghini you get the usual custom stitching and embroidered ‘Performante,’ in case you forgot which car you just got into. Where there once was your usual carbon fiber bits, now resides the forged composite material that makes this Lambo so special. It’s actually a remarkable departure from what has become the norm, a welcome change of pace. Other than that the cabin is business as usual, which means it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

We don’t want it to seem like we’re discrediting the Lambo’s of years past. There have been some attempts to make the Lamborghini name go faster in the past, none of them have been as groundbreaking as the Performante. It isn’t just a new model, it’s a new mold. If they keep up with this trend, there may be no stopping the raging bull.