Leah Pritchett and Her 11,000hp Top Fuel Dragster

There are no words that can properly describe the life changing experience of being in, or even around, a top fuel dragster. With nitromethane running through its veins, these things are pushing out over 11,000hp and can accelerate from a dead stop to over 330mph in just 1,000 feet and under four seconds! CUrrently, one of the best in the business, not to mention by far the most beautiful, is Leah Pritchett. She is setting records and winning races left and right and showing the world that drag racing is not just a man’s world.

When the entire race only lasts roughly 4 seconds, there’s a lot that happens in such a short amount of time. Even watching, the in-car footage of Leah blasting down the drag strip, it looks like she’s just moving her hand from one lever to the next and then the race is over. But as you can probably imagine, she makes it looks significantly easier than it really is. Watch her prepare for a race and make a full pass and make the judgment for herself.