Marshawn Lynch and the Diesel Brothers Go Beast Mode in a Custom UTV

Marshawn Lynch earned the nickname “Beast Mode” because of his actions as a running back on the football field. Anytime he was handed the ball, he wants crazy and it usually took numerous people to take him down. Doing so made him extremely recognizable and somewhat of a legend. He’s also highly respected in the gearhead community because of his love of cars, trucks, Jeeps, and just about anything else with a motor. And when he decided he wanted to have one of the baddest UTV’s (side by side) in the country, he knew exactly who to go to, Heavy D.

Now just in case you’re wondering, I don’t mean Heavy D the Rapper. I’m actually referring to Heavy D, the star of the Discovery Channel’s hit show Diesel Brothers. Heavy D, his best buddy Diesel Dave, and the rest of the crew have quickly made a name for themselves by making some of the most incredible trucks and vehicles that are unlike almost anything else on the market. You could almost say they follow the same “beast mode” mentality, hence why they were the perfect shop to build Marshawn’s UTV. Check out a clip from the show where Marshawn gets a taste of beast mode, Diesel Brothers style.