This Massive Mud Truck is the Self Proclaimed “Truck That Broke The Internet”

If you’re throwing around claims like “the truck that broke the internet,” you must be talking about one serious truck. And it only takes one look at this full blown monster to know that it’s not your everyday truck. It was built with one purpose in mind, sling mud like there’s no tomorrow and look as good as possible while doing it. As you might be able to tell, people in the south take their mud trucks very seriously.

This dually, for example, the amount of time and money it took to build this beast is probably more than anyone would care to admit. When you start breaking it down, you can see how quickly the cost would add up. The truck itself is brand new Ford Super Duty with the Platinum trim which will run you as much as $60,000-$70,000 just for it. Then you have the 65-inch tires, six of them, that are going to be ridiculous expensive each. Then there are the 50-ton crane axles that are needed to turn those giant tires. And the list goes on and on and that’s not even including all the cosmetic upgrades with the lights and stereo systems etc. What do you think, does this monstrosity deserve to have the titles of the truck that broke the internet?