Matt Farah’s ‘One Take’ Goes Back In Time With A Porsche 356

The 356 has become an incredible iconic car. While they went through a period of despair, the old school 356 is quickly becoming one of the most collectible cars in the entire Porsche collection.

Matt Farah, the king of the canyon run. His ‘One Take’ youtube series has become a smashing success, with nearly 750k followers. Over the years Matt has driven a plethora of cars, sometimes multiple versions of the same car. But my favorite videos are the ones where Matt gets into a vintage ride, and this 356 is the perfect example.

The Porsche 356 is the first car produced by the now famous German brand. It was Ferdinand Porsche’s brainchild, as well as designer Erwin Komenda. It was a radical sports car for its time, building off the Volkswagen Beetles success. Being produced from 1948-1965 the 356 saw a total of 76,000 units sold with 4 different distinctions over that time. There was the base 356, then the Type A, B, and C. Easily the most sought after is the 356A, and that is exactly the car Matt is driving today.

The example in this video is incredibly clean. It’s not 100% original, but that is hard to find on a car that is 61-years old. All the parts are original, while they have since been rebuilt a couple of times. The paint is also not a ‘factory’ color, but honestly, who cares? It’s a good-looking, well-running example of the original Porsche. Matt drives hundreds of cars a year, so when a car this old can impress him you know you have a good formula. No wonder the brand is synonomous with performance some 60 years later. Now can you imagine learning to drive stick in a 356? That’s exactly what Andrew was able to do. Watch the video and see for yourself.