McLaren P1 LM: The Fastest Road Legal Car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We recently brought you the iconic McLaren F1 GTR Longtail that laid down a wicked fast run at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. And now we bring the F1 GTR’s new and improved little brother, the P1 GTR. Well technically it’s the P1 LM which is the exact same as the top of the line, track-only P1 GTR with one major difference, it’s road legal.

TO give you a little background on the P1 GTR, it is a beast on another level. Even more than the lightning fast F1 GTR Longtail of old. The P1 GTR is of course based on the P1 which uses a hybrid powertrain. And the P1 GTR uses the same combination of electric motors and 3.8L twin turbo V8 as the P1 only its been modified to produce a total of 986hp. That’s approximately 82hp more than the standard P1. And the P1 LM is just a road legal version of that. Lanzante Motorsports is the one responsible for turning these track only hypercars into the most badass grocery getters on the planet. What’s so impressive is that they managed to make it road legal, without sacrificing any performance. That was put to the test when none other than Kenny Brack, the same driver that was behind the wheel of the F1 GTR, took the P1 LM to the Goodwood Festival of Speed and set the road legal record, quite handily I might add. Watch the record run and prepare to be amazed, I also included the in-car footage from that record run that was just recently released to the public.