Meet “George,” The Baddest 810hp Rolls Royce You’ll Ever See

When you think of a Rolls Royce you probably have visions of rich old couples being chauffeured to and from the country club. And more times than not, you’d be correct. But this is no ordinary Rolls Royce, meet George the Rolls. George is the brainchild of former Pro Skier, Jon Olsson, and he is no stranger to having some incredible vehicles to his credit. He’s had Lamborghini’s, Audi’s, and many others, all of which have an underlying theme. They all have crazy camouflage wraps, roof racks, and a ton of power under the hood.

George follows that same trend almost exactly. It started out as a standard Rolls-Royce Wraith and then has been customized in every aspect of the car. Rather than “just” 600hp coming from the twin turbo V12, it’s now been turned up to produce a total of 810hp! And that’s wheel horsepower mind you, not the crank horsepower like most manufacturers advertise. Olsson gives a full breakdown in this debut that also happens to have one of the coolest burnouts ever seen by a Rolls Royce. Prepare to fall in love.