This is the Mega Truck Known as the Intruder 2.0

What happens when you combine a mud truck with heavy duty long travel suspension and an engine from a monster truck? It’s called a Mega Truck, and these things are no joke. With anywhere from 1000-2000hp on tap, they can literally shake the ground due to being so loud. This particular truck goes by the name Intruder 2.0 and it’s owned and operated by Barry Thompson. More times than not, these Mega Trucks lean more towards the function and performance of the rig versus the aesthetics. But Barry wanted his truck to look as good as it performs, and I think he’s done just that.

He started with a 1936 Chevrolet and worked his way up from there. As you can tell, very few things remain from that original vehicle. But that’s to be expected, especially when you see how hard these Mega Trucks are pushed during competition. They have to be built like tanks to handle all of the abuse they’re put through. Each race, they’re required to hit jumps, go through mud pits, and do so as quickly as possible, hence the ridiculously powerful engines. Exact specs weren’t released on what the Intruder 2.0 is putting out. But with a 540 cubic inch motor that sounds this mean, it’s safe to assume it’s well over 1,000hp.