When You Mix a 1931 Ford and a Tractor Engine You Get Satan’s Rat Rod

The term Rat Rod is usually referring to an older vehicle that’s been pieced together with a wide variety of parts from all sorts of vehicles. They don’t look like your every day “show cars,” but yet they have the quality and craftsmanship that you would expect to see in a car show quality vehicle. This wild looking beast goes by the name Satan’s Rat Rod and that alone should tell you that this thing means business.

It started life as a 1931 Ford, at least part of it, and then had a whole list of parts and accessories that make it truly one of a kind. It’s biggest claim to fame though would have to be its engine. It’s not the crazy twin turbo V8 that you might be expecting but instead is a giant straight six that came out of a 1952 Diamond-Reo tractor. Apparently, this motor produces a boatload of torque, like 1,640lb-ft to be exact. Which is impressive considering it apparently has over a million miles on it.