Modern Day “General Lee” Pushing Over 2,000hp Would Make the Duke Boys Proud

The bright orange Dodge Charger that famously sported the name General Lee is without a doubt a true icon. It’s a timeless example of how cool a car can be. And that spirit lives on with this modern representation of the General Lee, only it’s not a Charger, instead, it’s a heavily modified Dodge Viper. And I do mean heavily modified because rather than a 600hp V10 under the hood, there now sits a twin turbo monster pushing out well over 2,000hp!

This new and improved General Lee was built by Calvo Motorsports and it was seen recently at the Pump Gas Invitational where the cars are limited to running just 93 octane gas. That means that the General isn’t quite as potent as at normally is and is “only” pushing 1,700hp. But yet the talented crew at Calvo still managed to come within 6mph of their record run even though they were running a full 600hp less than they were when they set the record.