Muscle Car Matchup: Old School GT40 vs New School Hellcat

The original Ford GT is one of the more iconic cars ever built due to it’s Ferrari beating race heritage. And some could argue that it’s the king of the original muscle car era. However, on paper, if you were to compare it to the muscle cars of today it wouldn’t stack up so well. With “just” 450-500hp the GT40 looks weak compared to say the 707hp Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat. But you should know that on paper is far different than in the real world, as well as more power doesn’t always equate to being faster.

The GT40 was engineered from the ground up to be fast. Granted, the main intention was for road racing and this is more of an airstrip drag race. Which should play more to the strengths of the Hellcat and its economy cars worth of additional horsepower. But let’s just say there’s a reason saying like “respect your elders” and “old man strength” exist because this old GT40 shows this youngster a thing or two.