New and Improved VelociRaptor 600 vs Stock 2017 Ford Raptor

A few weeks back we brought you the epic video of Jeremy Clarkson out thrashing the Gen 1 VelociRaptor 600 out in the Canadian countryside. But as you may know already, there’s a new Gen 2 Ford Raptor that’s lighter and more powerful than the outgoing stock model. And that means there’s a new and improved VelociRaptor 600 based on the Gen 2 and it appears to be pretty impressive.

Hennessey Performance is the extremely talented shop responsible for the VelociRaptor and these guys are no stranger to high-performance vehicles. They are also responsible for the Venom GT wich happens to be the unofficial fastest production car in the world right now with a top speed of 270mph. So when they started working on a new VelociRaptor, it immediately grabbed our attention. The Gen 2 Raptor was quite a bit faster and more powerful than the outgoing Raptor, so much so that it might even have been faster than the outgoing VelociRaptor. Which makes you wonder, how good will the Gen 2 VelociRaptor be in the performance department. Hennessey Performance created a video to show you the difference, and let’s just say it’s a major one.