Offroad Testing the New Hydrogen Powered Colorado ZH2

The military has been using off-road vehicles since the 1940’s when they started using the Willys MB. Then in the 1980’s they started looking for alternatives and ended up using what we know now as the Hummer. And now there could be a new military off-roader and its unlike any before it.

The call it the ZH2 and its based on the Chevy Colorado midsize pickup truck. Although there is very little in common with the Colorado you see driving down the road in your hometown. The ZH2 is considered a hybrid, but it’s a fuel cell hybrid that uses a combination of hydrogen and electric power. It hardly makes a sound as it creeps through the countryside and interestingly emits only water from the exhaust pipe. The production version will apparently come with a water filtration system that can take the water byproduct created by the fuel cell and make it drinkable if needs be. That way if soldiers happen to get stranded in the middle of nowhere, they can at least have water. But the chances of getting stuck anywhere in this funky looking offroad beast is quite slim. The technology used to make the ZH2 what it is might be too expensive now, but in the future, we could see some of it make its way into road going production vehicles. How cool would that be?