One Of The Best Film Crews In the Business Takes The Brilliant F40 For A Spin

The Ferrari F40. Arguably the most influential car Ferrari has ever built. It’s amazing to think this icon is officially 30 years old this year, and yet it is aging like a fine wine.

The F40 was a groundbreaking design upon its release. It was billed as a celebration of Ferrari’s 40-year heritage, but it was also meant to be a statement. The F40 was the last car to be commissioned by Enzo Ferrari, making its legacy even greater. It was at a time when Ferrari was being heavily criticized for being too soft, losing their hardcore racing roots. Enzo wanted to prove all his naysayers wrong, and he did just that with the F40.

The F40 became the blueprint for supercars to come, and it did so without looking like a spaceship. It was gorgeous from the day it was built, and still, holds true today. The Body is an incredible Carbon Kevlar weave, the 2.9-liter twin turbo V8 is one of the greatest engines ever produced, and it’s all wrapped into a 2400lb package. The recipe was just right, so much so that 30-years later the car is still an absolute masterpiece.

The boys over at Petrolicious were awarded the chance to actually take an F40 out around the track, and the results are phenomenal. Between the car and their cinematic quality film work, it will easily be some of the best 4-minutes of your life.