The One and Only Ken Block Gets Behind the Wheel of the New Ford GT

Ken Block is what you would consider a true motorsports legend thanks to his many different talents behind the wheel of an Automobile. And thanks to those talents, Block has been able to align himself with some major names in motorsport like Ford, Monster Energy, and many others. Over the many years of his career, Block has driven some of the best and baddest vehicles on the planet. However, there was one car that eluded him for much longer than most of us would expect given his relationship with Ford. Of course, I’m talking about the new and improved Ford GT.

Luckily for him, that changed this past weekend when he was attending the legendary Le Mans 24hr race. Apparently just s couple hours before the race was about to start, Block was handed the keys to a brand new, bright yellow Ford GT and let’s just say he wasn’t disappointed. He may be used to driving next level machines like the Hoonicorn V1 and V2, but he still had a big old smile on his face for this one.